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Unlock Ocean Confidence: Elevate Breath-Hold & Conquer Fears with Our Expert Surf Survival Workshop

Do you know this feeling?

Lack of air, pressure, panic, fear, is not always possible to avoid these
situations when surfing, but we can learn how to deal with any situation at sea and underwater. Even in situations of big waves, wipeouts, sets that break on the head, long wipeouts. On this course you will learn how to:

‣ Double breath-hold time
‣ Stay calm under stress
‣ Learn how to focus your responses in emergency situations

You are invited to join us and learn how to do this in the wipeout workshop for surfers.
The workshop is suitable for surfers of all levels and types: waves/kite/wind/sup and all
people of the sea.

The workshop is conducted by Niro, an experienced freediving instructor and surfer, surfers trainer, freediving trainer, spearfisherman, scuba instructor, first aid
instructor and boat skipper



Group size:

4-6 people

$80 per person

$150 for 2 people

The Breath Hold Workshop for Surfers is a specialized training program designed to enhance the breath-holding skills of surfers who often find themselves in challenging situations, such as wipeouts or hold-downs. This workshop aims to equip surfers with the knowledge, techniques,

and mental preparedness needed to confidently handle these intense moments in the water.


Led by experienced instructors with a deep understanding of both surfing and breath-holding techniques, the workshop begins with an in-depth discussion on the physiology of breath-holding and the effects of stress and anxiety on performance. Participants will gain insights into the body's response to high-intensity situations and learn practical methods for managing fear and maintaining composure.



The practical training sessions focus on improving breath-holding capacity through specific exercises and drills. Participants will learn proper breathing techniques, lung expansion exercises, and how to increase their tolerance to carbon dioxide buildup. These exercises aim to enhance lung capacity, oxygen utilization, and overall breath control, which are crucial skills when dealing with unexpected hold-downs or challenging surf conditions.


Throughout the workshop, participants will also receive valuable guidance on relaxation techniques and mental strategies to stay calm and focused during wipeouts. Visualizations, mindfulness exercises, and simulated scenarios will be used to simulate real-life surfing situations, helping surfers develop the mental resilience necessary to handle challenging moments and make better decisions in high-pressure situations.


The Breath Hold Workshop for Surfers provides a supportive and controlled environment for surfers to practice and improve their breath-holding skills. It instills confidence, reduces anxiety, and promotes a greater sense of safety and control in the water. Participants will leave the workshop with a heightened understanding of their own breath-holding capabilities, improved mental fortitude, and a set of practical tools to enhance their overall surfing experience.


Whether a novice or experienced surfer, this workshop offers valuable insights and training that can significantly benefit surfers who frequently face wipeouts or challenging surf conditions. By improving breath-holding skills and mental resilience, surfers can navigate through wipeouts more effectively, maximize their time in the water, and ultimately elevate their overall surfing.


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