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  • Are your courses certified/accredited? What education system do you use?
    Yes, we're accredited by two leading, internationally recognised freediving education providers, AIDA and Apnea International. When you complete the Level 1 course, you will receive a certificate from Apnea International which will allow you to progress your freediving training anywhere in the world.
  • Will I receive a certificate upon completing course?
    Yes, on completing the course requirements you will receive an internationally recognised certification from AIDA which allows you to do training or further certifications with another freediving school, anywhere in the world.
  • What is the ratio of students to instructors?
    There are a maximum of 4 students per instructor on the course. Small group teaching ensures your safety and means you learn fast!
  • How long is the level 1 course?
    The course runs over 3 consecutive days
  • How often does the course run?
    The course runs every week from October to the end of April
  • What is the schedule of the course?
    Day 1: 09:00 start Theory lesson Functional breathing lesson Equipment distribution Pool session 15:30 finish Day 2: 07:30 start Safety briefing 09:00-10:15 ocean session 1 11:00-12:30 ocean session 2 Lunch break 14:00 theory lesson 15:00 finish Day 3: 07:30 start Safety briefing 09:00-10:15 ocean session 1 11:00-12:30 ocean session 2 13:00 lunch break 14:30 theory lesson 16:00 finish the course
  • Why should I train or learn to freedive with Freediving Sri Lanka?
    Great question! Freediving Sri Lanka was the first freediving school to be established in Sri Lanka is still the only freediving specialist on the island.
  • How experienced are your instructors?
    Very! Our head instructor Niro has been a freediver for 25 years and has taught over 3,000 students since launching his own freediving school 7 years ago. Niro is a certified instructor by AIDA and Apnea International. Our other instructors are also all AIDA certified and passionate freedivers and teachers.
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