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Advanced courses for Ocean Explorers

  • 72 hr
  • 380 euros
  • Midigama

Service Description

The Freediving Level 2 course is an advanced training program designed for individuals who have already completed the Level 1 course or have a solid foundation in freediving. This course takes participants on a deeper dive into the techniques, skills, and knowledge required to push their freediving abilities to the next level. Led by experienced and certified instructors, the Level 2 course delves further into the theoretical aspects of freediving, building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in Level 1. Participants will explore topics such as advanced breathing techniques, understanding the mammalian dive reflex, advanced equalization methods, and the effects of pressure at greater depths. Practical sessions form a significant portion of the Level 2 course, allowing participants to refine their skills in dynamic apnea, constant weight freediving, and free immersion. These sessions focus on perfecting finning techniques, body positioning, and mastering the art of relaxation and mental focus. Participants will also gain valuable knowledge in safety procedures and rescue techniques specific to deeper freediving. This includes emergency procedures, buddy systems, and the use of safety equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience. By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and confidence to dive to depths of up to 30 meters (98 feet). They will have developed a deeper understanding of their own limits, improved their breath-hold capabilities, and learned advanced equalization techniques to enhance their diving performance. The Level 2 course not only expands on technical skills but also offers an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. It allows participants to push their boundaries, explore new depths, and develop a profound connection with the underwater world. Freediving Level 2 is a stepping stone for those who wish to pursue further certifications or competitive freediving. It provides a solid platform to continue the exciting journey of self-improvement, exploration, and adventure in the fascinating realm of freediving.

Contact Details

  • Plantations Villa, Gurubebila, Sri Lanka

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